One-Finger Magic Mayhem

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Unleash the magic in Spell Runners, a one-finger RPG Action Shooter like no other! Command a crowd of up to 24 spell casters in an endlessly scrolling adventure that blends Role Playing Game (RPG) and Fantasy elements with the intensity of a shoot ’em up.

Collect valuable gems to upgrade your arsenal of spells, and gather coins to expand your squad with new mystical members. The more monsters you defeat, the more coins and gems you earn, boosting your battle prowess!

Your journey is navigated with just a single finger as you artfully avoid deadly traps, grab power-ups, dodge a hail of bullets, and strive to survive through infinite levels of escalating danger.

Designed for an engaging mix of casual crowd runner fun and robust challenge, Spell Runners also includes a Hard mode for fans of bullet hell shoot ’em up games.

Step into the spellbinding world of Spell Runners, where an ever-growing party and an expanding repertoire of spells intensify the joy of slaying monstrous hordes. Let the magic begin!


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This game was developed by Thomas DeMichele and is distributed by Dog Media Solutions LLC.